The Graduate Program “The Molecular Basis of Human Diseases” started its operation in the Faculty of Medicine in 2014 and it has evolved from restructuring the Graduate Program “Cellular and Genetic Etiology, Diagnosis and Therapy of Human Diseases”. It is currently in its 14th year of operation and provides training opportunities to graduates of Departments of Health and Biological Sciences.

The objective of the Program is to promote the translational research by bridging the gap between basic scientists and clinical doctors. The emphasis of the curriculum is on the molecular basis of human diseases, the diagnostics and therapies.

The program has been organized in accordance with international standards for graduate education and capitalizes on the knowledge that has been acquired from the human sequencing project and on the progress that has been made in biomedical sciences both at the basic and the clinical level.

The major strength of the Program is its human potential (medical students and faculty of the University of Crete Medical School and collaborating institutions).