The School of Medicine, the Departments of Computer Science, Philosophy, Physics and Psychology of the University of Crete as well as the Institutes of Computer Science, Computational & Applied Mathematics, and Molecular Biology & Biotechnology of the Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas jointly organize and operate the Interdisciplinary Program of Postgraduate Studies “Brain and Mind” (B&M), which leads to Master’s degree in Brain and Mind Sciences.
The program aims to provide global, comprehensive training in the interdisciplinary approach to fundamental scientific questions regarding the brain and the emergence of thought, consciousness, and behavior.

The B&M programme lasts for four (4) semesters. It’s important to note that all courses are mandatory, and attendance is equivalent to full-time employment. Instruction is provided in either Greek or English. Graduates from all Departments of Higher Education Institutions in Greece or equivalent institutions abroad are welcome to apply. Final-year students expected to finish their studies before the B&M program courses commence in October 2024 are also eligible to apply.

There are no tuition fees for the program.
The admission of students is restricted to a maximum of twenty-five (25) students.

Application deadline: June 2, 2024