Electra Gizeli

Professor of Biology
University of Crete

Electra Gizeli is a Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Crete. Her group’s interests span three major areas: bioanalytical sciences with emphasis on clinical diagnostics, biophysics and integrated structures (lab-on-chip). The first area is concerned with the design of novel clinical assays based on acoustic wave devices for the detection of multiple proteins in patients’ samples (e.g., for cardiovascular risk assessment), or genetic markers during hybridization assays (single nucleotide polymorphism detection in genetic diseases). Concerning the second area, a key finding in her biophysical studies is that acoustic waves can probe the structure of biomolecules attached to a surface. They are interested in the structural characterization of surface-bound DNA and protein molecules as well as DNA/protein complexes and DNA nanomachines switching between distinct conformational states. Biophysical studies also include the study of cellular membrane interactions. Finally, part of the work is concerned with the design and development of acoustic biosensors and integrated micro-systems; these versatile lab-on-chip platforms are coupled with their bioanalytical assays towards the development of simple, versatile and sensitive diagnostic tools.The work is highly multidisciplinary bringing together areas at the interface of biology, biophysics, nanotechnology, surface chemistry and microengineering.