Course modules

Module Title ECTS
1st Semester
MBNA-101 Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases 9
MBNA-102 Autoimmune/Inflamatory and Infectious Diseases 6
MBNA-103 Biostatistics, Clinical Methodology and Epidemiology 6
MBNA-104 Neoplasmatic Diseases 4
MBNA-105 Writing and Presentation of Original Papers and Research Proposals.
Ethics and Laboratory Safety
MBNA-106 Neuropsychiatric Diseases 3
Sub-Total 30
2nd Semester
MBNA-201 Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells 3
MBNA-202 Introduction to Basic Research Methodology 5
MBNA-203 Graduate Laboratory Training 2
MBNA-204 1st Laboratory Rotation 10
MNBA-205 2nd Laboratory Rotation 10
Sub-total 30
3rd Semester
MBNA -301 Original research 30
4th Semester
MBNA -302 Original Research and Master thesis writing 30
Total 120


The Program awards a Master’s degree in “Molecular Basis of Human Diseases” when the student:

  • Completed all 4 semesters
  • Passed the exams and performed well in the two laboratory rotations (average grade >7)
  • Completed a research project and wrote the Master’s thesis (grade >7)
  • Obtained a minimum of 120 ECTS hours

Most of the students continue their studies in PhD programs of the University of Crete Medical School or other academic institutions.