The program consists of both core members (faculty of the University of Crete Medical School) and external collaborators (faculty from collaborating institutions in Greece and abroad).

Core members (UoC Medical School)

Department of Basic Sciences

Dimitris Kardassis, PhD – Professor (Cardiovascular Diseases)
Vassilis I. Zannis, PhD – Professor Emeritus (Cardiovascular Diseases)
Aristides Eliopoulos, PhD – Professor (Cancer Biology)
Domna Karagogeos, PhD – Professor (Developmental Neurobiology)
George Mavrothalassitis, PhD – Professor (Development/Cancer)
Nektarios Tavernarakis, PhD – Professor (Neurgenetics and Aging)
Christos Stournaras, PhD – Professor (Cancer Biology)
Evaggelia Papakonstanti, PhD – Assistant Professor (Cancer Biology)
Achilleas Gravanis, PhD – Professor (Neuropharmacology)
Ioannis Charalambopoulos, PhD – Assistant Professor (Neuropharmacology)
Ioannis Iliopoulos, PhD – Assistant Professor (Genomics/Bioinformatics)

Department of Laboratory Medicine

Christos Tsatsanis, PhD – Professor (Endocrinology/Immunology)
George Sourvinos, PhD – Professor (Infectious Diseases)
George Notas, MD/PhD – Assistant Professor (Endocrinology)
Maria Venihaki, PhD – Assistant Professor (Endocrinology)

Department of Internal Medicine

Eleni Papadaki, MD/PhD – Professor (Hematology)
Prodromos Sidiropoulos, MD/PhD – Associate Professor (Rheumatology)
Dimitris Mavroudis, MD/PhD – Professor (Oncology)
George Goulielmos, PhD – Associate Professor (Human Genetics)
George Chamilos, MD/PHD – Associate professor (Infectious Diseases)
George Bertsias, MD/PhD – Assistant Professor (Rheumatology)
Charalambos Pontikoglou, MD/PhD – Assistant Professor (Hematology)
Antoniou Katerina, MD/PhD – Assistant Professor (Thoracic Medicine)
Theodosios Filippatos, MD/PhD – Assistant Professor (Diabetes-Dyslipidemias)

Department of Neurology and Sensory Organs

John Zaganas, MD/PhD – Assistant Professor (Neurology)
Clio Spanaki, MD/PhD – Assistant Professor (Neurology)

Department of Mother and Child Health

Eleni Vergadi, MD/PhD – Assistant Professor (Pediatrics)

Department of Surgery

Dimitris Georgopoulos, MD/PhD – Professor (Intensive Care)
Katerina Vaporidi, MD/PhD – Assistant Professor (Intensive Care)

Department of Morphology

Elias Drakos, MD/PhD – Assistant Professor (Pathological Anatomy) 

Affiliated members

UoC Department of Biology and IMBB-FORTH

Joseph Papamatheakis, MD/PhD – Professor (Gene Regulation)
George Garinis, PhD – Professor (Neurogenetics and Aging)
Charalampos G. Spilianakis, PhD – Associate Professor (Epigenetics)
Kriton Kalantidis, PhD – Associate Professor (Plant Molecular Biology)
Christoforos Nikolaou, PhD – Assistant Professis (Computational Genomics)
Androniki kretsovali, PhD – Researcher (Gene Regulation/Stem Cells)

Fleming Institute

Iannis Talianidis, PhD – Director of Research (Liver Gene Regulation)
Pantelis Hatzis, PhD – Investigator (Gene Regulation)
Vassiliki Kostourou, PhD – Investigator (Vascular Biology)

Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens

Dimitris Boumpas, MD/PhD – Affiliated Investigator, Faculty of the Uo Athens (Rheumatology)
Leonidas Stefanis, PhD – Affiliated Investigator, Faculty of the Uo Athens (Neurodegenerative Diseases)
Paschalis Sideras, PhD – Investigator – Professor level (Inflammation/Immunology)
Despina Sanoudou, PhD – Affiliated Investigator, Faculty of the Uo Athens (Genomics/Bioinformatics)
Panagiotis Verginis, PhD – Investigator, Lecturer level (Immunology)
Vassiliki Panoutsakopoulou, PhD – Investigator – Associate Professor Level (Immunology)
Georgina Xanthou, PhD – Investigator – Assistant Professor Level (Immunology)

Virginia Commonwealth University

Diomedes Logothetis, PhD – Professor (Ion channels)

Temple University

Konstantinos Drosatos, PhD – (Cardiovascular Diseases)