Program info

Aims of the Program

The Graduate Program “Molecular Basis of Human Diseases” started its operation in 2003.

The objective is to promote translational research by bridging the gap between basic scientists and clinical doctors. The emphasis of the curriculum is on the molecular basis of human diseases, the diagnostics and therapies. The program has been organized in accordance with international standards for graduate education and capitalizes on the knowledge that has been acquired from the human sequencing project and on the progress that has been made in biomedical sciences both at basic and clinical level.

From its start, the Program aimed at:

a) The education of young physicians and biomedical scientists in the technological and research developments through lectures from experts in their fields;
b) The practical training of students in state of the art technologies;
c) Getting experience in original basic and translational research in the laboratories of the Medical School and the collaborating faculty, and
d) The training of the students in writing research proposals.

In order to achieve these goals, the Program secured collaborations with prominent scientists in Greece and abroad. Εxtroversion is the core of our Program. It was the first and only Graduate Program in Greece that put emphasis on the molecular and cellular basis of human diseases and on the importance of translational research and the first that used English as its official language.

We expect to have dedicated students aiming to pursue high quality theoretical studies and research in the field of biomedical research, willing to work intensively two years.


Program Evaluation

-The graduate courses and their instructors are evaluated annually by the graduate students in order to make adjustments and improvements in the beginning of each academic year.
-The Program is also evaluated every five years by an external evaluation committee.



-The Program has secured scholarships for the best students in each academic year.
-The Faculty of the Program provides continuing support and mentoring in order for the students to pursue their goals.

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